General R.O.E

If any part of your body or any equipment/gear worn on your person is struck by a BB either caused by direct or indirect fire (ricochet) is to be considered a HIT. If any part of your weapon is stuck by a BB, shout out "GUN HIT". This is to inform the...

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General Restrictions

The following airsoft rated weapons are allowed: AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) Rifles/Pistols EBB (Electric Blow Back) Rifles/Pistols GBB (Gas Blow Back Rifles) Rifles/Pistols HPA (High Pressure Air) Rifles/Pistols EPA (Electro-Pneumatic...

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Code of Conduct

PRE-DEPLOYMENT Be punctual Arrive to the event well ahead of time. Give yourself time to do last minute checks on your gear. Be prepared to deploy Don’t be that guy that everyone has to wait on to start the game. It is best to have your gear prepped and...

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Knife Kill Rule

There will be times that you may find yourself within arms reach of an opposing player who is oblivious to your presence and you want to avoid having to fire your weapon to prevent detection.  In these situations you can opt to go for a Knife kill. A knife kill is...

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Medic Rule – Buddy Aid

The medic rule - Buddy aid is another optional rule we  integrate into our games. It adds another dimension to the game dynamics which calls for teamwork and communication between team mates. Buddy aid simulates rendering medical aid to a team mates that has been...

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Bang Rule

The Bang Rule is an option you can take if you find yourself in a situation where you have to take a shot at an opposing player who is within point blank range (3 meters or less) to avert inflicting potential injuries. You must be armed with an airsoft firearm. You...

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Health States

Everyone starts the game with a health status of HEALTHY. If you are HIT you become INCAPACITATED. You have just been shot! You are barely conscious and in danger of bleeding out!  Worst, you find that you are unable to...

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